Our Service

We provide fee based consulting services which offer you a clear and unobstructed view toward our common goals of selecting the most appropriate fine art for your project. We are able to quantify specifics about your project and aid you in the selection process, so you may confidently avoid a visual disappointment, and be confident the value will be realized.

Vintage Drawing Tools

Our services include visual site evaluation, analysis and an overview of critical elements of your draft.  We can crisply articulate and illustrate precisely what will and what will not work in your space.  We can discuss design in conscise terms, avoiding the vagueness of an untrained explanation. Your committee can be  trained in on site or web based sessions, and will emerge knowledgeable and prepared to quantifiably approach your project. 

With sculpture training and education, your completed sculpture project will predictably achieve your goals  and exceed the epectations of your viewers.