About Us

  • Who we are

 We are a group of  Fine Art trained individuals with parallel experience in Corporate Procurement and International project management. We offer assistance as unbiased and unrelated professionals to guide your team through the process of commissioning and completing a successful sculpture project. We are  passionate about supporting the creation of fine public and privately placed art.

  • What we do

 We assist in the entire process of commissioning Public and Corporate Sculpture. The process can be an abstract and challenging task. Training in fine Art Sculpture is obscure  and the ability to clearly articulate what makes a work one of quality and longevity. 

Why you should consider contacting us

Your project is highly visible and the installation will most likely remain in place for dozens if not hundrerds of years. Our team has over 30 years of advanced fine art training and project management experience. We can assist you in framing your project, analyzing proposed work,  and assuring a solid investment with an enduring message.